How Do You Wear A Hijab For The First Time?

How Do You Wear A Hijab For The First Time?

Putting on a hijab for the first time can be quite exciting, but a little bit scary too. But no worries, with the advice in this guide, you will feel comfortable and totally chic. Here are all the steps to take.

Picking your hijab

It is of immense importance to choose the right hijab in terms of both comfort and style.

Fabric: Choose a fabric that suits your needs and comfort level. Initially, go for cotton and jersey material since they are lightweight and breathable. Once you get habitual to wearing the hijab, you can try a more dainty fabric like chiffon or silk.

Color and Pattern: Start with the neutral colors which slightly make you comfortable until you get used to the presence of a headscarf around you. Try basic shades like black, white, beige, and gray and you can never go wrong with these. They go well with almost any outfit. Once you hit the point of confidence, then move on to playful designs and bright shades for that perfect spice to the outfit.

Size and Shape: A rectangular scarf, also called a shawl, is very versatile and easy to style. It gives a lot of fabric to fulfill its job of covering your head and neck with a vast number of styling possibilities.

Preparing the Hijab

The preparation is half the battle for making your hijab look good and stay right.

Hair Care: Clean and dry your hair before wearing your hijab. This will prevent any kind of irritation or itching. To keep your hair healthy under the hijab, you can use light, non-greasy moisturizers.

Underscarf: This is very important to have it hold well. It stops the hijab from slipping off, and some friction that would be created from your hair with the hijab, which will automatically lead to losing your hair.

Step-by-Step Guide

Wear your hijab for the first time with only a few easy steps.

Lay the Hijab: Put the scarf, such that one side of it will be longer than the other on your head. The longer side is what will be used to wrap around your head.

Secure Under Chin: Pin the shorter side under chin. You may hold it in place with a straight pin, a safety pin works well too. Be sure it’s not too tight for you.

Wrap Around: Get the longest side of the scarf and wrap it around your head, drape it over your opposite shoulder, and fluff it up a little more to cover accordingly your hair and neck.

Adjust and Pin: Naturally, after you’ve wrapped the longer side, simply adjust your scarf in such a way that it is sure to cover your hair/head, and neck. Use additional pins to secure the scarf straight. These may be done using straight pins or magnetic pins.

Improve Your Hijab Fashion with These Tips

Layering and Folds: Bring out more layers and folds for the stylish hijab. Through that, you can build more folds while draping the hijab closer to your face and neck. It frames your face quite exquisitely.

Accessorize: Accessories do wonders for your hijab style. Adding a brooch or any decorative pin with your personal creativity gives that touch to be elegant, and personal, and at the same time makes it an accessory to complement your outfit as well as speak about your personality.

Matching with Abaya: This is a new style of wearing the hijab coordinated with an abaya. The look this gives you is smooth and polished. The color can either match your abaya or be its complementary color. For example, a black abaya can take any color of hijab while one which is patterned might need a matching solid color hijab.

Common Mistakes to Be Avoided

Avoid these common mistakes for a comfortable and stylish hijab experience.

Too Tight: Ensure that you tie the scarf in such a fashion that is not at all restrictive. It should allow movement which lets you move the head happily.

Overcomplicating: Keep your style basic, most preferably for beginners. Overly complex styles can be quite irritating and time-consuming. Start with basic styles and build up gradually to more intricate designs as you become confident.

Neglecting Hair Care: Don’t ignore your hair just because it is hidden. Take good care of it to maintain a healthy look. Make sure to regularly wash and condition your hair, and avoid tight hairstyles that will cause unnecessary tension and breakage.


Wearing a hijab is a beautiful personal expression of faith and style. Finding the right type that works best for you may take a while, but practice makes it perfect. Confidence is key, so embrace your look with pride and elegance. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and accessories; the hijab should really reflect what you want and need. With these pointers and a little practice, in no time you will feel comfortable and stylish.



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