Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning Explained

Snapchat Planets Order

Snapchat Planets Order and Friends Solar Systems

Snapchat Planets order is a cool feature that makes Snapchat more fun. It shows your friends like planets in a solar system, with you as the sun in the middle.

Here’s how it works: each friend is a different planet, and how close they are to you depends on how much you chat with them. If you talk a lot, their planet is close to yours. If not, it moves away.

This helps you see who you chat with the most and who you might be forgetting about. If a friend’s planet is far away, maybe it’s time to message them.

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Let’s talk about the Snapchat Planets order and what each one means in your friend’s solar system.

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning

In the Snapchat friend solar system, each planet represents a friend on your Best Friends list. The order of planets matches the order of planets in our real solar system. You’re the Sun, and Mercury represents the friend you chat with the most. Venus is for the second closest friend, and it continues like that until Neptune, who’s your eighth best friend.

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Understanding the Snapchat planets: Mercury is your top friend, Venus is the next closest, and so on till Neptune, who’s number eight.


In the Snapchat solar system, like in the real one, Mercury comes first. It stands for your closest friend. Mercury looks like a red planet with four red hearts around it.

Snapchat Planets Order


In the Snapchat solar system, Venus is the second planet, just like in real space. It’s for your second closest friend. Venus looks like a light brown planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts circling around it.

Snapchat Planets Order


In the Snapchat solar system, the third planet is Earth, like in real life. It stands for your third best friend. Earth looks like our real Earth, with a moon, stars, and red hearts around it.

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Snapchat Planets Order


On Snapchat, Mars is your fourth closest friend and the fourth planet in our solar system. It’s shown as a red planet with stars, purple, and blue hearts around their friendmoji.

Snapchat Planets Order


In the Snapchat solar system, Jupiter stands for your fifth closest friend, just like it does in our real solar system. It’s shown as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes and stars circling around it.

Snapchat Planets Order


Like our solar system, Snapchat’s solar system has Saturn as the sixth planet from the sun. It represents your sixth closest friend. Saturn is shown as an orange planet with a ring and stars around it.

Snapchat Planets Order


Uranus on Snapchat is like your seventh best friend. It’s shown as a green planet without hearts.

Snapchat Planets Order


Finally, Neptune is the eighth planet in our solar system. It represents your eighth friend in the app’s Solar System feature. But there’s no love or life on this lonely Blue Planet.


Working on Snapchat’s Friend Solar System

Assigning Planets to Friends

Each of your Snapchat friends gets a planet based on how much you talk to them. For example, your best friend might be Earth, while a friend you’ve recently chatted with could be Mars.

Ordering of Planets

The order of the planets shows who you talk to the most. The closer a planet is to yours (the sun), the more you chat with that friend. This order changes as you talk to different friends more or less.

Interactions Count

Various interactions count towards moving the planets. These include sending snaps, receiving messages, and viewing stories. The more varied and frequent your interactions, the closer your friend’s planet gets to yours.

Visual Representation

The Friend Solar System is visually represented in your Snapchat interface. You can view it to get an idea of who you interact with the most and who you might want to reconnect with.

Snapchat friend’s solar system not working?

Update Snapchat

Make sure you have the newest Snapchat version. Developers often make updates to fix problems and make the app work better. You can update Snapchat in your phone’s app store.

Check Your Internet

Make sure your internet is working well. If it’s not, the Friend Solar System might not load properly.

Clear Cache

Sometimes old data can mess up apps. Try clearing Snapchat’s cache. You can find this option in Snapchat’s settings under Clear Cache.

Reinstall Snapchat

If you’re still having trouble, try deleting Snapchat and then downloading it again. This can fix a lot of problems.

Get Help

If nothing seems to work, you can ask for help from Snapchat. They have a support team that can help you with any issues you’re having.


The Friend Solar System in Snapchat is a fun feature that shows how you talk with your friends. Each friend is like a planet, and how close they are to your planet (the sun) shows how much you chat. Whether you’re talking to an old friend (Mercury), chatting with your bestie (Earth), or watching a cool snap again (Saturn), the Friend Solar System makes your Snapchat world exciting.


What Determines Snapchat Best Friends?

The order of your best friends on Snapchat depends on how much you talk to them. The friend you exchange the most snaps and chats with over several weeks becomes your best friend and gets the Mercury planet.

How Many Best Friend Planets Are There?

Snapchat has eight best friend planets in total. Each planet represents one of your best friends on Snapchat.

How Can You Quickly Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend on Snapchat?

To make someone your top best friend on Snapchat, you both need to send each other the most snaps and chats for at least two weeks in a row.


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